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Loving the solo training

Guest aussie carl

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Guest aussie carl

Chaulked up just over 3 hrs solo (under instructors watchfull eye and ear) in the last few weeks and to be honest I am absolutly loving it.


I have made SOOOOOO many mistakes and would like to think I have learnt from my mistakes, but could take a few more of the same mistakes to realy drum it in. Even had to do a go around late final cause it just wasent happening after a low level circuit. Am gaining confidence (But not to much)


next solo lesson I would like to try teardrop back onto same/opposite runway. with some mixing up of circuits. In coffs we have 10/28 and 03 /21 with 03 being RH. No taxi ways are marked which means you have to know in ya head.


Got to fly out of the circuit area on thursday up to Moonee (7M) and return. Gave me mate Tone a wing wave on return. (hope he seen the Fox Bat)


FAR OUT THIS IS SO MUCH FUN when you get to the next level and await the next lesson from the instructor.


Wish the theory was as exciting.





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