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CASA Proposes New Classification of Aviation Activities


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In CASA's April edition of 'Briefing', sent on request via email - there is an indication of intent to reduce the red tape involved in flying training and other non-fare paying GA activitiies.


The full policy doc is available on www.casa.gov.au/corporal/policy/notices/CEO-PN001-2004


The primary intent appears to be a separation of what they consider to be 'fare' paying occupants, and those who are either 'crew', or are 'informed' participants in the flying activity.


The expressed intent to exercise control by other than the issuance of an AOC is welcome news. AOC's have long been an instrument which borders on restraint-of-trade, shielding the holder from competition.


If this does turn out to be the case, then we might, just might, see GA instructors being able to operate individually, without the overheads inherent in AOC's - as they do in the USA.


That would be welcome news as it would broaden the choice of GA instruction, widen the locations where it is available, and probably lower costs?


Will this become competition to RAAus 3-axis schools? Perhaps it would.





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