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Drifter 912 back on the market


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Hi folks,


After a long absence I'm back on the Forum, and again my Drifter is for sale.


I took it off the market nearly a year ago because I was having too much fun, but now I do need to sell my beloved "Jody".


Excellent condition, always hangared, Rotax 912 4-blade carbon, 68 ltr tank (plus pump and plumbing for a belly tank), recent cables, new tyres, helmets, headsets, etc.


Also has a GRS chute fitted (lots of pelicans around here) plus a decent radio, intercom and antenna.


Runs like a dream, stable and gutsy. Economical at around 11 ltrs per hr.


$32,500 or (very) near offer.


[email protected] or call 0419 438 194


Located: Port Macquarie NSW.



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Indeed, someone did pick up a bargain. I am now Drifterless, and Jody has moved down to the Central Coast.


I now drive a SportStar - and I'm loving it.


The Drifter was a ge\reat experience, that I wouldn't have missed for quids, but as I'm now 57 I value the little creature comforts a bit more.


Best wishes to all you Drifter Drivers. I'll always be one at heart.





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Well Gregg I never thought that I would be saying the following in this my post as my first experiance in a Drifter many years ago to say the least was in my view worse than going to the dentist.


It's amazing though how time changes one's outlook or perspective on things.


Out of necessity a few weeks ago whilst in the Philippines I wanted desperately to go flying but all that was seviceable at the time, apart from a quicksilver ha ha ha, was a 503 powered, wire braced Drifter.


As I was having severe withdrawal symptons I opted to give it a go.


The first flight was terrible but then I thought to myself, it's not the aircraft it's this bloody wind blowing up my nostrils and those infernal insects in my eyes, so what can I do about it.


I was able to get hold of an openfaced helmet with these big goggles and away I went again.


Well this was just what the Doctor ordered, I never looked back.


What a great little aircraft to fly, you can do anything with them.


I now understand the Drifter owners lament when they dispose of their dearly beloved aircraft.


Mighty plane, miles of fun.




Rick P



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