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Lowrance Airmap / External Power

Paul Willett

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Hi All,


I have had a Lowrance Airmap 500 for about 18 months - and it's great. Easy to use, 100's of features you will never use, a few good ones you use all the time, and very customisable.


Just lately something strange has been happening, however, and I can't work it out - the unit swithces itself off intermittently when on external power (so far I havent got it to do it on BATT power).


Poss causes I have come up with:


1. Vibration? (I have installed a new mount - the old mount had the unit on an arm away from the panel a bit more so possibly les vibration occured then?)


2. Power spike? Happens at random times often with a steady cruise RPM so I can;t be sure.


3. Faulty 12V connector? It uses the cigarette adaptor plug (fused).


Anyone had anything similar occur?


Normally if the unit is disconnected from External power and it has charged batteries (it always does when I fly) the unit will not switch off.



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Guest Nelson Smith

Hi Paul,


Your Airmap 500 problem could be cured by slipping a ferrite choke over the power cable.Dick Smith & Jaycar stock suitable ones.The Jaycar cat.no. is LF1294.If you can purchase one that you can pass the cable through twice,then do so.


Nelson S.



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