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Drive belt wont line up


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Hi guys, this could be off topic, but I am desperate for help in this matter and just wondered if any of you have experience with Amax reduction drive belt alignment. I have a Karatoo with an Subaru EA81, and am having so much trouble trying to center the reduction drive belt. I follow the procedures for adjustment ( i.e. moving the cam either clockwise or anti clockwise), but just cant seem to get it right...the belt ends up either to far forward or to far back on the pulley wheel, and will then rub and ware on the pulley guide rim...it wont stay in the center. Even after just millimeter adjustments, it is enough to sway it from one extreme (side) to the other, and so it seems impossible to center it on the pulley wheel. Any help on this is greatly appreciated. The belts cost near $300 each and I have worn 6mm off the width of it already in only 20 hours, so at this rate it will cost me a packet 049_sad.gif.af5e5c0993af131d9c5bfe880fbbc2a0.gif . I have tried the Amax dealer (Max) but he cant help without looking at it and I live so far away from him.


Thanks ... Mike



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The most likley scenario is a worn bearing, especially if you can adjust the belt away from the motor at idle and it climbs toward the motor under load.


I'm ignoring the idea that the pinion is worn concave as this would be obvious to the eye and hand.



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Better late than never lol. I ended up fitting a new Belt...got onto a couple pretty cheap. It aligns ok now with very little 'obvious' wear and tear. I now have vibration problems that I never has before. It only stops vibrating between 1600 and 3700 rpm and then comes back at 4000rpm. I simply put up with it and keep in the good range as much as possible. I do wonder though, where one can get Amax parts now?



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