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I went across for the AOPA AGM and their annual flyin on the weekend. Met some new faces and talked aircraft (like one does).


It was a stark contrast to Natfly, as there were maybe 30 aircraft max


on the field, though they did manage around 90 members for the dinner


bash, so I have heard.


Trade exhibitors were also present with Tecnam showing off their brand


new RA-Aus LSA registered P2004 Bravo, Silverwing and their shiny


Sportstar, and off course the Lanciar Columbia. Avionics by Wade Mahlo.


Other displays by CASA, AOPA and AMF. That was it. The weather was


fantastic to boot.


Not much happening at the AGM, though there was a lot of discussion on


GA self regulation. A hot topic which is still being discussed at all


levels with no real indication of an outcome as yet.





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