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Ultralight crash landing

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Appears an incident occurred over the week-end according to AAP news service..."Crash landing: plane stalls mid-air near south coast August 15, 2005 - 6:49AMA man has escaped injury after his ultralight plane crash landed in the NSW south coast.Police say the plane was one of three aircraft which left Jaspers Brush yesterday morning headed for Point Perpendicular and back.The pilot of one of the aircraft experienced engine difficulties about 12.20pm (AEST) yesterday when the trio were making their return.The motor stalled and the aircraft fell about 30 metres into waist-deep water on Culburra Beach, Shoalhaven.The 49-year-old Dapto man piloting the aircraft was unscathed and salvaged the plane with the help of two people on the beach."







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The ultralight which came down was a Trike with a 582 and they started their flight from Albion Park Airfield on their way they had a stopover at Jaspers Brush before flying to Point Perpendicular.All he has to worry about is how to get all the salt water out of everything.



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