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The Love Dress.

Guest Crash Lander

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Guest Crash Lander

A mother arrives at her son's home, to drop off some mail.


Using the spare key, she opens the front door to find her daughter in law laying completely naked on the couch, doused in perfume.


"What are you doing!?" She shreeks at the daughter in law.


"I'm wearing my Love Dress!" replied the D.I.L. "When your son comes home, and sees my Love Dress, he cannot control himself, and makes mad passionate love to me for hours at a time!"


Intrigued, the M.I.L. goes home and decides to try it on her husband. She undresses completely, covers herself in perfume, and lays on the couch to await the arrival of her husband.


30 minutes later, the husband walks in and studies the sight before him.


"What on Earth are you doing?" he asks.


"I'm wearing my Love Dress!" she replies.


He looks her up and down and responds.


"It needs an iron! What's for dinner?"



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