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The Farmer

Guest john

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This farmer grew watermelons, who would check on his crop regularly, however he would often find that the young kids from nearby properties had nothing better to do except sneak onto his farm on their way home from school & eat his water melons & throw the skins onto the ground.


This malpractice went on for sometime & the farmer got fed up with having to continually clean up the mess & replant the missing watermelons.


After some thought he came up with a scheme to scare the kids from stealing his melons. He made up a sign & placed it at the front of the farm which read "WARNING, ONE OF THESE MELONS IN THIS PADDOCK HAS BEEN INJECTED WITH CYANIDE".


The farmer was very pleased with this procedure thinking that all will now be well. Upon checking his crops a couple of days later he noticed that the stealing had stopped, but he noticed that someone had written under his sign "NOW THERE ARE TWO"



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