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Ballart to Bundaberg trip detals

Guest kevin

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Guest kevin

On the 9/10/11/12 of May 2007, 8 grown men were granted leave from their wives and girlfriends to fly from the cold Victorian autumn city of Ballarat to the tropical climes of mid northern Queensland-destination Bundaberg.


The posse of Jabirus included 2 LSA-55, J160 and J230 made its first stop at Deniliquin then Narromine, Morree, overnight Goondawindi and then Chinchilla to Bundaberg with a side trip over Fraser Island and back home to Ballarat.


Total distance 3866 kms.


The J230 took 20 hours at 20.55 LPH/411 litres-fuel cost $758.00


The J160 took 22.6 hours at 14.9 LPH 337 litres-$447.00 which is $311 less for 2.6 hours more travel time.



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Guest brentc

Me thinks the calculator is telling you a furfee!


411 litres @ $1.84 = ~$758


337 litres @ $1.84 = $620


20hrs @ $758 = $37.90 per hour


22.6hrs @ $620 = $27.40 per hour


If the J230 was a J430 and had 4 people on board, you'd get a heck of a lot more bang per buck!


That would get you 4 POB to Bundaberg and return for less than $180 each. Who said flying was expensive?


3866 Kms in your average family car would cost around $560 and take between 2 and 3 times longer.



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