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Greetings from Port Macquarie

Guest Booker YPMQ

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Guest Booker YPMQ

Hi All,


I thouhgt it was about time I registered for the forums. I know Ian through his involvement with the Hastings District Flying Club in Port Macquarie. He and other HDFC members are always saying what a useful source of info the forums are.


Just a bit of back ground. Until about 2 years ago I was a die hard GA man and always thought of the AUF, as it was known, was for those who really weren't that serious about their flying or their safety. However since that time I have become a true convert and honestly believe (like the majority of you) that RA is the way to go and without this catagory we as aviators would be up the creek. I'm having a lot of fun as an instructor with the HDFC. Don't they say that you should do something every day that scares you??


I've been assisting Ian in preparation for the Recreational Flyin to be held at Camden Haven in June. If you have any queries re the local area or the best way to get here through Williamtown etc just let me know.


Cheers for now,


Adam :)



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