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airspace changes

Guest micgrace

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Guest micgrace

Hi guys


If you look up the RAA site you will find some changes to 95.10/95.32/95.55 regarding airspace.


All changed to read .... may be flown in class G airspace...... class E airspace VMC only. I note elsewhere the use of a transponder is mandatory in class E. I will have to memorise some more changes. Thanks CASA


The 95.55 is a little vague on what actually comprises a minimum useful load. I take it as being pilot/passenger/full fuel/luggage but excluding engine oil unusable fuel.


Maybe techman would like to comment.


I was thinking of some Drifter flying today, but I think thats off the agenda now as I would probably make a great impression of a flying iceberg till the weather warms up.


Micgrace :)



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