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Solo navex...

Ben Longden

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Just back from my solo navex.... Shepparton, to Deniliquin, Yarrawonga and back to Shepp.


2.1 hours and now all I have to do is my check ride with Matt tomorrow!! :big_grin:


Bloody beautiful weather, and no potholes in the sky at all. The trip from Yarrawonga was a cinch... at altitude I could see Shepp, 40 Nm away!! So you could say it really was a VFR flight.... it was nice to see my navigation had got the math right, and I was steering the correct track...


The learning dosent stop there, Unca CASA sent me my student licence... and now its onwards to master the Cessna!





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And the even better news is that after an hour and a half in the sky with CFI Matt, he has signed off my cross country!


Mind you, I need to still attend Remedial Crosswind Landings Class 101.....


Oh well, the wind was 180 at 15, and Matt made me land on runway 23 at Mangalore... That and the super wide tarmac made for interesting times.. ;)





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Guest pelorus32

Hi Ben,


my very hearty congratulations. I've watched how long and hard you've worked for this.


Now the thing to do is to go and have some fun - use your XC and Passenger endorsements.


Very best wishes,





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