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Jabiru Fuel Consumption - WORLD RECORD


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I know this is a huge claim - one that I'm not very happy about.


You see fellow aviators - I decided (on a whim) to count up all my fuel dockets (and by cross checking my flight records) and work out overall fuel consumption for my J160c since I bought it back in Feb 2006.


I've checked and double checked and can't believe the result.


Average fuel consumption per hour is.....


11.25 liters.


You don't beleive it....049_sad.gif.af5e5c0993af131d9c5bfe880fbbc2a0.gif


I don't, but its true.


I have a deep feeling that my tacho is under reading by 200 RPM - I will check it very soon (gotta Melbourne trip first(by car)).


If this is true - I've been tootling around at 2600 RPM????




I'll let you know





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I thought your speeds were down a bit because I a have had lots of people fly my aircraft and report 100 to 105 IAS at 2800? Ah well Pete that will be a good thing if you suddenly gain an extra few knots :-)



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Except than in the process he may have glazed a few cylinders up. I know we had a 200RPM error to begin with.


I now have 2 out of 6 that have gummed up rings and will be probably removing all six anyway and re ringing, plus port polishing the heads.....few more HP in that job...hehehehe





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