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Training in Central Queensland

Guest kcrow10@eq.edu.au

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Hi to all


This is my first post - I do not yet have my flying certificate or my own aircraft, however as I am a baby boomer I'm keen to acquire both. I've held a long interest in aviation and commenced flying training some 30 years ago until I met my wife to be!!! You know the rest!


I'm now ready to commence recreational aviation training however cannot find a club that offers training in Central Queensland, particularly in the Rockhampton area. The best I can find is either Emerald or Bundaberg. I recently visited the Raglan Fly in and had a great time but could not find anyone one who could tell me who could provide training in either Rockhampton or Gladstone. If anyone can advise me I'd be most gratefull.





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Hi Kevin,


I thought that there were a couple of flight training schools at the Rocky drome.


Rockhampton Aero club is one that comes to mind.


Welcome and Good Luck ;)





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Hey Kevin, Welcome . I think the schools you mentioned are the closest availble to you. As far as I'm aware the Rocky ones are only GA training. I'm having the same problem myself and have decided to go to a school that uses an aircraft like mine and do a block sitting.



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Maybe a solution


Hi Kcrow and Jordy:)


I live about an hour south of Mackay, but have recently chatted with Paul Auriac, who used to own Planet Aviation at Hedlow Airfield. I think he was an AUF instructor for some time.


Perhaps you could send him an email and he might be able to help you or at least might know of someone who can.


His email is: [email protected]


All the best





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