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Carefull Driver


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Yes folks ................. there are two types of drivers in the airforce.




Carefully people who drive around all aircraft on the tarmac




Not so careful people who drive into aircraft on the tarmac!!!!






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Guest Andys@coffs

When i was in the RAAF at 6Sqn (F111) in about 1990 @ Amberley, I came to work one morning and with the rest of the Squadron Maintenance team started the daily FOD walk around the carports that the Aircraft are parked in. At the eastern end there is a tarmac position that is occasionally used to park an Aircraft. On this day we walked up and saw a medium size fuel tanker cabin embedded in the Airacraft stabiliser (mixture of elevator and aileron) the tanker driver simply turned off the tanker and walked home. Each morning about 3am they refuel all the dash60's (external power and turbine bleed air for aircraft engine starts). Needless to say the Squadrown Warrant Officer Engineer was not a happy chappy!!


Like the picture shows, the damage to the tanker cabin was severe, the Aircraft from memory didnt look damaged... but an early major service was called for.





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