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Guest babs1aus

Got your attention there seems to be a wealth of theoreys on different things out there some right some wong and some well a bit in the grey area especially when it comes to safety. So I thought it might be interesting to test out some scenarious and responses. Before you get all excited no I dont have the correct answer nor will I attempt to correct someones answer. Its just that you hear so many different theoreys on things its interesting to know and hear them.


So since its a current news item what about Ditching. Not that its a situation you should be in however if every body kept out of these situations it wouldnt be something to talk about would it? So simply answering with avoidance is not an answer. Here is the scenario and what would you do. Also anyone who wants to chase down links with more information from reliable sources and add them that would be great. Here is a likely situation that someone could find themselves in. Tailwind with minimal height to make land if at all lets say 15 knots headwind. The land anyway is dense trees some 20 to 30 feet high if you make it. there is no beach with exception oflow tide and the coastline is a series of small cliffs some 10 to 15 feet. What would you do. ( the flight by the way complies with all rules)



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