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Used Transponders

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Guest Fred Bear

Buyer beware I guess.


I bought a used Collins transponder with AmeriKing encoder and had success. Only problem was when it was removed the positive lead from the encoder was cut off so it didn't register altitude. I knew the wire was there and floating around, however I didn't know what it was for.


Problem solved when I took it to Simpson Avionics at Moorabbin airport and for $125 they fixed that, plus the spring in the power knob and they calibrated it complete with green-tag.


All up, $800 for the both, plus $125 for the certification and repair. Better than $3,500 new for a dodgey Microair. I've since been offered over $2,000 for it because someone I know has a Chieftain and it's easier to swap it with mine to replace thier original Collins rather than them buy a new one and have it re-certified by the Avionics lame. It's worth considering as ADSB might be close.



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