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Looking for ANY pics of these Aussie aircraft...

Guest Gary in Pennsylvania

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Guest Gary in Pennsylvania

Being considerate to the dial-up folks, I'll post links to the ultralights I'm asking about:


http://vula2.org/images/land_planes/Australian-/jackaroo2lg0pragg.jpg This is a rare one!


http://vula2.org/images/land_planes/Australian-/jj_88ct.jpg - Heck! I don't even know what this one is!


OK - I cannot find the link to the next three - But they're not too large...I'll attach 'em here:


There may be more....But for right now - These are my absolute FAVORITE Aussie designs. ;)


I'll also take ANY Scout pics. Especially pics of the rarish SeaScout.


ANY pics you have will make my day!


Either post 'em here...or send to [email protected]


(or you can send them to the e-mail I registered with)









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Guest ozzie

Hi Gary, The above photo of Cliff's twin cricket/ jackeroo is the only photo of it that i have seen. It was used in the MAFA 'Contact' newsletter. This jackeroo had several different powerplants with various re'drives that Cliff built. you can still see the mount plate for the robyn 440 twin.


if anyone out there knows the whereabouts of Cliff Van Pragg could they please post his details. several people are looking for him. He was going to have heart surgery a short time ago and it seems that he has moved from wedderburn. we are hoping that he has recovered.







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