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Possible Accom listings?


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Hi all:)


I was wondering if it would be possible to start a list of recommended accom for towns/airstrips. I think other members have also mentioned the merit of this as it would provide us all with a directory that we could look up when going to an airstrip/town. Perhaps other info, such as distances from airstrips to accom, accom websites and/or fuel (if not on airstrip) could be included.


For example, I haven't flown in to Keppel Island, but have asked about landing fees in August 2006 and received the following:


"It will cost $100.00 to land your plane if you are not staying at the resort, and if you do book accommodation there is no Landing fee. If you contact us with the dates on which you are planning to travel we will organise landing permit numbers." Website: http://www.greatkeppelresort.com.au/ and email: [email protected] At the moment it is possible to get a Garden Room (I think this is the most basic room) for $125 per night.


Additionally, if flying into Agnes Waters (which I am still planning on doing...soon:)), there is good accom for around $100 per night, which is about 10 min walk from the strip and from the beach at: http://www.edgeonbeaches1770.com.au/


It would be really helpful for me when planning a trip to read about forum members' opinions/reviews and make for a gret trip.


All the best





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Guest Decca

Great Idea


Hi Gavin. An accommodation list is a great idea for the forums, not to mention tourism in general & for the ultralight fraternity. I’m sure the administrator could see potential here, not to mention the aero clubs.


For the aero clubs which are feeling a decline in GA but are ultra light friendly and can see potential in encouraging our visits to their fields, 2 in particular come to mind immediately, both at Ballarat, although with o/n min 2degrees & max 9degrees it’s a good place to stay away from ‘til later in the year. Anyway accom at Ballarat aero club (subject to confirmation from the clubs) is $15 a bed & at SFTS $25 a bed. Not sure what facilities you get at SFTS but BAC it’s basic, however the help I think you’d get from club members in a rural golden triangle city to get to the major attractions, pubs, etc, would be outstanding. Besides I’d love to have a look at the Skyranger.


When the right time comes up for you send me a personal message & I’ll send you details. I know it’s a long way from Great Keppel but worth it for future reference.


Regards, Decca.


PS no landing fees!!!



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Thanks Decca:)


I'd love to come down your way one day in the near future, but at the moment I'm spending most of my time on a strip - it's only 300m long with lots of rocks and a slope...lol.


Will let you know when heading down your way though and let me know if you're up my way too.:)


All the best




PS: I'm a bit north of Keppel, but the temps about the same....a bit too warm in the summer though



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