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Ideas on route to Broome

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Planning a trip from Melb to Broome sometime next year. Sort of got it planned to Innamincka but not sure from then on. Dont want to spend too long in the sky (wife nags after 2 - 3 hours). Anybody got any suggestions apart from "get new wife" :). Dont mind how many stops it takes. Out of the way, non tourist, quirky strips prefered. In a Jabiru. Thanks



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My only suggestion is to drop in at Arkaroola (northern Flinders Ranges, north of Wilpena Pound) if you get a chance. Doug Sprigg who runs the place has an Auster and a C207. He's a real enthusiast who loves flying visitors. Accommodation varies from campsites through to motel style rooms, with a good restaurant and TWO very high quality observatories if you like star gazing. There's a pool if you want to cool off, and plenty of emus, kangaroos, yellow footed rock wallabies etc. It's amazing outback country and your wife might appreciate a decent room and a restaurant (while you talk flying with Doug).


Wilpena Pound also has an airstrip if you decide to go that way.


Innamincka is a good place to stop too.


Check your range and phone ahead for fuel, which could be in drums. Maybe somewhere like Muloorina (sp?) station near Lake Eyre?


It won't really suit your route but the "Corner store" has an airstrip which has no aircraft parking and joins onto the road (!) so you taxi up the road, turn right at the intersection and park in the car park to visit the store.



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