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Giday my name is Phil from Katanning WA.


I am new to to RAAus but have been flying since 1993 in GA. I hold a PPL and only fly for fun. I got involved with RAAus to help a friend who is buying a small bird and needed a little input. Did my conversion in a Jabiru J230 and since then have flowen a Terrier 200, Foxbat A22, Batam and a Eurofox. I think I may be hooked!



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Guest Decca



Giday Phil. With all the ultralight types you've flown you should be able to teach us (especially me) a thing or 2, so keep the posts coming! I would love to try a Eurofox for a day. Also it's amazing how many new chums find their way to the forums from WA, so WELCOME!


Regards, Decca.



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