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Guest DWB

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Forum member Tracktop advised me earlier this arvo about this. He's busy on the farm so he said I can post this on his behalf...........


If you are around in the morning ( Wed 20/12/2011) then put the TV onto the Sunrise show.


Tomorrows outdoor feature will be you guessed it - TRIKES




I think if it goes to plan - live to the nation feed on the ground at 6am and then during the show some trike flying shots in / from the air.


What better way to promote our sport.








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Well I've been watching the crosses to the Trikes at Maitland this morning on Sunrise. Whilst they are the usual short snippets at each weather forecast report after the news headlines, I think they are getting some really good exposure with it.


Unfortunate timing on the last cross with the reporter James & Instructor (Russell if I remember correctly) taking off for a flight with a wing cam watching them. The banner of news scrolling on the bottom of the screen said - 10 people dead in plane crashes in the US, which of course is sad, but the timing!


Haven't seen Tracktop yet............. Club President, why aren't you starring Ray?



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Guest Michael Coates

I discretely noticed several violations like dropping an object from and aircraft.... etc... etc....


You dont know who is watching these crosses !


Could find your licence gone.



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