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Hard weather


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Hi All


We had a bit of HARD weather arrived on Thursday night. It lasted on and off for about half an hour a looked a bit like a doughnut with the middle just filled in. It showed about 6 mm in the gauge even though Yanco only recorded 4 mm.


The photo shows three pieces that had started to melt before I put them in the fridge so they had lost most of their distinctive doughnut shape by the time I photographed them today.




I thought our car would be damaged but it appears to be none the worse - we chucked a sheet over the roof of the car part way through the storm. The Jab is in the garage.







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Got the priorities right, I see.....;)


On a side issue, the CSIRO did a study into hailstones and car damage after a bloody great hailstorm in Orange, NSW during the late 1980s.


They found to dint a car panel or crack a windscreen the hailstone needed to be about 3/4 inch in diameter.


They also found to prevent damage, even one woollen blanket on the bodywork was enough.





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Hi Ben


As you can see from the photo these were well over 3/4" and not a regular sphere shape.


I think the thing that saved us was that they were distinctly doughnut shaped. I have never seen hail that shape before.


That probably reduced their terminal velocity. They were certainly making a hell of a din on our concrete tiled roof, on our outside gauzed in area with a metal roof and also when they hit the car roof and windscreen.





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