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Some Reflections on Avmap GPS

Guest JRMobile

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Guest JRMobile

Some Reflections on Avmap GPS


On a recent trip to Bundaberg – Longreach – Charleville – Moree – Lismore I was able to have a good work out with our new Avmap. As a back up, we also had the good old Garmin III Pilot.


Some of the Avmap Positives:


Big, clear, bright screen, easy to see in all light levels.


Really easy to operate the cursor key and to navigate around the screens.


Auto zoom mode really does work and is a real plus!


Some Negatives:


Twice as long to acquire a satellite fix as the Garmin.


The data base only has AD strips , no ALA’s . (Unlike the Garmin which has a South Pacific Data Base the Avmap has a Australia/Asia . This is a huge draw back when navigating West of the ranges).


Exposure of screen to UV rays shortens the life of the liquid crystal display.


I would sound a note of warning here, the Avmap is sold with an up to date “Jeppesen Database†but it is missing a vast majority of strips listed in ERSA (ALA’s). I was very pleased I had the Garmin (and my maps) as a back up. I did contact the importer - EDMO (Ph:1300133256) and asked if there was any chance of an update to the database that would include all strips. Their info was that it is not planned.


Any advise on how to update our Avmap greatly appreciated.


Cheers John



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