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Jabiru Glider Tug


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Attached are some photo's from some trials we did recently at Gawler towing behind my J230-C.


So far so good and reasonable climb was achieved (500fpm) and CHT temperatures were fine.


The test however was conducted with single seat gliders only and at 18.5 C, there is still a way to go to see how successful it will be.













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Guest brentc

If climbing is an issue, I'd be looking into purchasing a Sensenich Carbon Fibre prop that is variable (ground adjustable) pitch which are I believe the only approved adjustably prop at this time for LSA. That way it should climp like a home-sick angel and if you want to go cross country again you can re-adjust.



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Was this with a factory fit tug?


What is different and what is able to be done for towing?


I assume the prop is a start..........





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Yes it is a factory J230C with Glider Tow Option. Basically they take a standard aircraft then strengthen for towing and add the approved tow hook etc. This has to be done prior to the aircraft being assembled, in other words you cannot convert a completed aircraft. I am currently running with a climb prop for towing, this obviously slows the cruise down and I achieved 108kts (IAS) at 2800rpm yesterday on a trip to Port Pirie.



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Horsham Flying Club have just received their new J230C. It is still to fly off some hours and will then be put to the test, probably next week. The prop is a climb prop.


Further details when available.



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