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914 Vs JAB 3300

Guest disperse

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Guest disperse

ok i know there a some threads here with the calcs needed to work this out


my question is this . at what flight level does the 914 produce more power then a jab 3300. just courious as im still a little concerned about the power they're draging out of such a small engine



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you get what you pay for. You do realise the 914 is about twice the price of a 3300?


Seriously, theres a lot of factors and you need to say in what way you want to compare.


In most approved installations, the 914 will deliver more power at ALL altitudes, because in climb attitude with an allowed prop the 3300 will not be doing more than 2900 rpm = 110 hp.


You can screw more out of the 914 because its liquid cooled, the turbo keeps it going, and it can turn more eficient and variable pitch props.


Let the discussions begin.....



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