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Ultralight versus a Cesna


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Hi Ben,


sorry, i do not know the full story.


Seems our Skydiving jump plane was parked on the grass and a student


lost control and parked on PQC. I believe no one was hurt


which is amazing and very good !


(someone rudely said that the sign on the Jab says 'learn to fly'


but not how to land... gotta laugh.)


ps - i am a Jab pilot, love them. (loved PQC too... sniff, sniff...)


- Ian



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Guest brentc

The good news is that PQC is going to be repaired (in the words of the assessor). Seems that there are dozens of 206 rear-ends available to 'swap' over with that one.


The Jab on the other and walked away (or was pushed) away with a remarkably small amount of damage, which included prop and engine cowl and some cosmetic wing damage.


Contrary to some news reports the pilot was not on his first solo and was moderately experienced for a student pilot.


Most impressive that the Jab held up safely and protected it's occupant safely for what would have been quite a scary impact.



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First, I always wondered how the humble Jab was born.025_blush.gif.9304aaf8465a2b6ab5171f41c5565775.gif


In conclusion, the fool in the picture had no medical insurance and is still awaiting medical attention at the local hospital outpatients ward.:clown:



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Guest brentc
On a serious note - glad to hear no one was seriously hurt. It must have been quite a bang to turn the 206 around 90 degrees.


Sounds like the Techman has been reading the incident report that was quickly sent off to RA-Aus and the ATSB.


Everyone that didn't know they are supposed to do that (send to ATSB), please take note as per the last issue of RA magazine.



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