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New Line Manuals Rotax 912 914


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Rotax has announced the REPLACEMENT of the following 912 Series Manual:


- Maintenance Manual (Line) Rotax 912 Series, Edition 0, Rev 3


This manual IS NO LONGER VALID and has been REPLACED by:


- Maintenance Manual (Line) Rotax 912 Series, September 01/2007, Edition 1, Rev0. (Rotax Part No. 899373)


Rotax has announced the REVISION of the following 914 Series Manual:


- Maintenance Manual (Line) Rotax 914, September 01/2007, Edition 1, Rev. 1. (Rotax Part No. 899606)


These new Manuals and Revisions may be downloaded FREE OF CHARGE from the ROAN Website at http://www.rotax-owner.com/new_documentation.htm


To obtain hard copies of these manuals, please contact your nearest authorized Distributor or Service Center.



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Thanks Thruster87 this type of information is one very good reason why we participate in these forums.


The free exchange of information in our pusuit of cloud dancing is essential to our well being.


Kind regards,




PS Particularly when some of us a brain dead when it comes to searching the internet, on our own, for information.;)



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