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Hi guys/girls

Guest Mike CMB

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Guest Mike CMB

Hi everyone,


My wife and I stared our microlight experience today at Whitegum valley near Perth in WA. I have been flying gliders on and off since aged 12 at kingaroy and up to about 7 years ago was a member of the Boonah Gliding Club.


My wife previously used to sit in the back and take pictures. I was very happily surprised that she had a go at flying and now wants to learn to fly herself.


I used to love club flying spending all day at the strip helping out in the hangar mowing etc. These days I just dont have the time for that I need to spend time with family on weekends. Fortunately I have time off during the week so I need an aircraft that I can rig and launch myself.


I dont have half a million bucks to buy a DG 500 or its modern equivelent so I am looking at getting a trike.


I had a lot of fun today even hooked into a couple of thermals. I can see myself doing some serious cross country in the next few years.





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Hi Mike,


Trikes are good fun, i can still remember my first flight.


Are you going to be flying local to perth when you get sorted?





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