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APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System)


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APRS tracking


I have trialed 2 versions in my machine.


One version used the amateur network on VHF the other I used HF frequencies.


VHF is unsatisfactory for the area and altitudes I operate, HF was excellent.


If you want your position reports to be received on the amateur radio network your transmitter needs to be operating with an amateur radio licence.


If this option is unavailable you can use UHF PRS or aero VHF. Its unlikely anyone has set up receive sites for this in your area yet so if you want the position reports received you have to arrange this yourself. Our local microlight club is interested in this and work is being done to see if we can add receivers into the existing internet backbone so that aircraft can be viewed on the web.


In the middle of all this, interest has declined because microlights in NZ will be required to carry 406 PLB as minimum equipment for flights over 10 mn. Once pilots have spent their money on that they will likely not bother with anything more, which is unfortunate because in many cases ELTs do not provide the answer - took 2 weeks to find a 406 equipped chopper, and S. Fossett had 2 beacons.


APRS is a patented technology that is free for amateur useage. Other systems using the mobile phone network may become the better option because most cellphones have a GPS receiver already inside.





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Attached map of the first HF test with APRS running on a trip from Wayby to Parakai airfield.


VHF tests were not so good due to lack of relay sites in the current network.







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