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Part 149 - Your response is needed

Guest pelorus32

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Guest pelorus32

Part 149 has been up for comment for some time now. It is the sister part to Part 103. Part 103 concerns the operating rules and Part 149 the administrative arrangements around the organisations running rec aviation.


Can you please go here:




Scroll down the page and use the online response form to give your response.


This closes on 24 September - that's next Monday.


Again Part 149 is the outcome of a heap of work over a long period. Without it Part 103 is meaningless.







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Can I remind all fellow aviators about responding to Parts 103 and 149 to do so before the 24th September. It is important that you all put your response through.


RA-Aus will be calling on its members again shortly to voice their opinions on a new imposition - ADSB, which is being steamrolled through the system without much fanfare hoping it will bypass objectors. But for now, please respond to 103 and 149 so that those projects can be finalised asap. Who knows what will happen if there is change of Government.





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