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Thruster Glasshouse


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For Sale


Thruster Glasshouse “C†Rotax 582 C type gear box.


Approximately 235 Total time on Airframe and 143 Engine hours. 3 Bladed Brolga Prop, EGT+ CHT Standard Flight instruments. Fabric Very good condition. Two seater (Bench seat)


Regretful sale of this historical Ultralight. Ghost was built in 1984 and was one of the first two seat Thrusters built and a working prototype for all the following Thrusters. Although 22 years old this aircraft is in almost showroom condition after a complete rebuild by TOSG in 1999 where money was no object. I have unfortunately spent more time getting this aircraft perfect than flying it. Nothing needs to be done pay the money and fly away for many enjoyable hours. Ghost is a Watts Bridge aerodrome SE. QLD and we would prefer it to stay in the area.




Contact Adam on 0402884811 or [email protected]



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