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G'day Sunny.


I've done very little flying of a 503 drifter - only a couple of brief hops in Wayne Fisher's trainer. Mine certainly has more inertia than the 503 version, but the additional engine mass doesn't cause any obvious sway.


There is a lot of torque, and a pretty solid right foot is needed during takeoff, with full urge on, but no nasty tricks.


Lots and lots of push. Solo I get around 1,000 fpm, and even with 2 adults aboard, I get around 700 fpm climb.



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1000ft/min in a drifter, you are a lucky man Greg. I remember one of the flights one hot summer daylastyear (Andrew was in the back seat weighing approx.115+kgs) ROC was so rediculous Andrew was fluttering his hands(like a bird)on both sides trying to improve our rate of climb smiley36.gif.


Thanx for the info Greg



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