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Thruster Float Plane Appeal

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Guest TOSGcentral

Hi Sportsfans,


Yet another of my periodic appeals for historical information.


I have at last secured photos (not great quality) of a Thruster T83 on floats in the Northern Territory. Other information suggests that there were at least seven put on floats from time to time – probably more.


Original factory brochures that I have also offer a float kit for all of the Thruster single seater models plus the Glasshouse and Gemini X (pre certification two seaters).


There has to be more information out there! Could anybody who recalls any Thrusters on floats please contact me – even anecdotal memories would be of great value but additional photos would be of huge importance.


I am also extremely interested in any solid reports that any of those early two seaters went onto floats, if only for trials.


While I am at it – I am also most interested in photos of ANY Thruster taken at Evans Head, either within the factory when it was operating or out on the airfield.


Any help would be greatly appreciated – just drop me a PM







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