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Just landed Geelong Way


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Hiya all,


I am new to forum and training at lethbride. I was training GA at Geelong airport but decided to go the cheaper option and train in a much nicer aircraft than the 30 YO 152.


As I Friday I should be learning in a Tecnam 92.


looking forward to getting into flying and so far found the club to be a friendly fun place. hoping to enter into a sydicate for a plane shortly and get some good hours up.







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G'day Jim - welcome to the best forum around ;) - you'll get lots of help and make some good friends here. :hug:Don't be shy, keep us up to date with your progress.




PS Beat you AGAIN Chris. :big_grin::big_grin:(Chris is hot on the trigger, but now having a new love affair with his new aeroplane.:;)7::;)7:



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