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2 Things On the Jab

Guest aaronb

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Guest aaronb

Hey Guys,


Im going to start my conversion in the jabiru this weekend and i am just wanting to know 2 things.


1. can any one send me or show me to a site with an approved LSA55 checklist on it so i can lean it. (hate not knowing my checks)


2. howmuch does an lsa 55 cost? either new or 2nd hand (but in good nic)


thanks for ya hhelp guys.



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There are a number of LSA for sale on the Jabiru website




The checklists are detailed in your owners manual which should be in the aircraft.


Most pilots have probably transferred this to a small convenient ckecklist sheet . your instructor should be able to guide you as to the best for the aircraft you are flying.



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Guest Guest

LSA's used to be sky high in price as they were the ducks nuts as they say, but since the J160 they have dropped significantly; that being said though, because of the up to 12 month wait for the J160 prices have stabilised.


In all honesty, if you didn't intend to put the aircraft online somewhere, you'd be crazy to buy an LSA55 because the homebuilt models have a longer fuse and other improvements, such as a larger vertical tail fin and rudder, etc.


Factory builts range from $40k'ish to $60k. I believe one of the ones at Tooradin where you are going is for sale at the moment; it's on their website.


PM me if you need to know more and I can ring you.



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On the topic of prices for LSA Jabiru's I notice that plenty of people are asking over 50K but with the far superior J160's going for the price they are who would pay 50k?


I suspect that closer to 40 might pull them up price (and they are a great aircraft - and you could have a lot of fun for the money).



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