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Guest TOSGcentral

Hi Sportsfans.


For TOSG members – the next Bulletin is scheduled to be produced next weekend so should be out in around two weeks time. Most of it is already written.


Despite it following so quickly after the last one, it will be a reasonably large issue with a lot of photos. Stories include………….


Buying Aircraft and Airworthiness. Main Undercarriage Spring Care. Undercarriage Carry Beam Data. Instrument Panel Layout. Flying on Floats. UK TST Tailwheel Upgrade. Enclosed Thrusters. Thruster Float Planes. Plus the usual News and Airworthiness points.


I am short in the For Sale and wanted section so if anyone has anything they want in there then let me know. Advertising is free (including photos). Photos being emailed should be in JPEG format and around 1mb file size.


For non-TOSG members - you do not have to be a Thruster owner to be part of the Support Group and get the Bulletins. Cost is $30 per annum and that gets you four Bulletins including postage. People joining now get the two Bulletins already produced by return post, the next one in a couple of weeks and the final for the year in early January. Then we start again.


The Bulletins are normally about 24 pages with an equal number of illustrations and are nearly exclusively about Thrusters. However a lot of the Airworthines and Ops articles etc are generic to rag and tube ultralights.


If you want to hop on board the tram then drop me a PM





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