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Guest keiran ryan

Hi Jeffsy


Welcome to this great website.


I have just a few solo hours and going flat out to get my certificate asap. I have been giving a lot of thought to the sort of aircraft I will get into when finished with this first part of training. I would be looking at shareing an aircraft with one or two others at Tyabb or Tooradin.


The Eurofox is currently number one on my choice list. I saw one up close for the first time at Tyabb last week and hope to go for a fly soon. I will let you know my impressions after that. A big plus down this way where hanger space is at a premium is the ability to fold the wings. I am putting together a matrix / check list to help me evaluate several aircraft. This should help me be a bit objective about a choice. I find that everyone you speak to has their own opinion about waht is best, and that usually comes down to what the own or have flown. I have done the bulk of my training in a Jabiru and While I admire them and see that they are good value for money I have real concerns over engine reliability. I am now in the trusty Gazelle which is very sedate in comparison. I stil do not fully understand the relationship between the Gazelle and the Eurofox, perhaps you can enlighten me.


As a matter of interest the other aircraft on my short list are Foxbat, Storch and for something completely different the beautiful low wing Sportstar.


Welcome again; let me know if you want to see or perhaps have a fly in a Eurofox before getting involved with an agent (unless you have already flown one and made a decision)




Keiran Ryan



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Hi Jeffsy. Welcome aboard. I'll go with you to see the Eurofox agent at Horsham. Spotter's fee applies! Gee you got a few hours up!


Regards, Decca.



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