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Stolen Instruments

Guest Rocko

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Hi Folks


A while back I saw somewhere a post about someone (I thought in Australia) who had his entire glass cockpit stolen from his aircraft, while in the hangar.


I dunno if it was on here, or elsewhere that I saw it.


Apparently, on eBay, a pair of Grand Rapids EFIS are for sale in Indonesia.


There's suggestion on the GR forum that they may be stolen.


I'd wondered if they were from the aircraft that lost it's entire glass panel.


So, if anyone knows about that post, could you put up a reply?







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I read on PPrune that there was a panel stolen and I also read in the RA-Aus magazine a couple of months back that there were some units stolen. It said that the units serial numbers were recorded and that support for them wouldn't be offered by the factory. If you are interested in the units and find out the serial numbers you'd be in a good position to find out if they are stolen.



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