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Hi all ,


I'm a complete virgin to ultralight trikes and have got pretty confused between what would be the best trike to buy. I have been looking at the airborne XT 912 as i think a four stroke would be the way to go but would this be harder to learn on?Any one have any suggestions?


Thanks Ross



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It is always good to buy new. If buying second hand you need to make very sure of history etc.


Trikes are registered for 5 years in Australia with no need for an "approved person" to inspect until renewal. (In South Africa they had to be inspected every 100 hours or annualy which ever came first and a school trike every 25 hours)


I hope I am allowed to say that my XT912 is advertised for sale in the for sale forum.


I would however strongly recomend that you do some training first with an instructor before commiting your self to purchasing any trike.


If you require any info send me a PM



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