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G'day from FNQ.


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G'day all,


Just joined the forum (obviously) and am looking forward to being a fairly active member. I've always loved flying and cut my teeth on Drifters and a 1936 Aeronca at Rainbow beach. I've since flown a bit of weight shift but am not really passionate about it.


At the moment I'm working as a fleet manager for a small tour company in Cairns, and we just won the local award for tour and transport operator, and made finalist in the state awards!!! Good friends of mine own a reasonably large air charter company in Cairns and have offered me a job as operations manager, and I'm keen to have a go, but the mortgage is large and the salary is small.


Anyway, it has sparked my passion for aircraft again and would love to be involved in the industry....


So here I am:big_grin:



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