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Governments and Safety


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We are now all hit by Government safety regulations. Just look at flying now and all the every day items you can no longer take on an aircraft. Also think of the throttle and control locks we must have on our aircraft, even on rag and tube aircraft.


Now consider this. Until recently the ONLY protection the British Government had on their Nuclear Weapons was a bicycle lock. Yes, you heard right, a common everyday bicycle lock.


The BBC ran a show on it earlier today. (10.30 PM their time)




John McK



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Hi John,


I find it amazing the level of restrictions re what can and can't be carried aboard an aircraft. I recently travelled to Europe ( after the latest round of liquid restrictions came into force ) carrying medication in a liquid form and syringes to administer it. Every time through customs or security I would declare the bag that contained all this. Not one person was interested in looking in the bag to confirm it's contents???


Another point is that I hope no-one tells the government that we are flying around with BALLISTIC rescue chutes in our aircraft!!!!! Surely they must be dangerous!!!


Go Figure ;).





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Same with skydiving gear now with the mandatory auto openers on reserves that use an electronicly detonated 'propellent' to fire the device. been more than one argument with security over these.



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Yup !


Soon we will have a man with a red flag walking in front of our horseless


carriages. Worked for the Victorians. :yuk: That will keep the taxpayers safe. Paying


taxes, that is. Having a problem seeing how to it in the air, but someone nodoubt


has solved the problem for us already.





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