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Sydney Basin and Part 103

Guest Graham Lea

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Guest Graham Lea

I Sent the following to casa re part 103. It could help if others did the same.Just logon to the casa site. It is basically trying to get them to get a move on ...


"The only uncontrolled non private airport in the Sydney basin on a week end at present is Hoxton Park. This will be vacated next year for development. Hence, on a week end, any Recreational Aircraft coming into the Sydney Basin will need to arrive at Camden before 9.00am or after 5.00pm. I understand that Part 103 will allow for RAAUs pilots to do a Controlled Air Space endorsement. In light of the foregoing, I am wondering if 103 will be in operation by around May of next year.


Otherwise RAAUs people will only be able to enter the Sydney Basin on a week day. Kind Regards Graham Lea 0418665011"



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Guest David C

Graham ,


As a person who flies in the Sydney basin area , I too have a great interest in the implementation of Part 103 . The Controlled Airspace endorsement would be of great benefit not only in the Sydney basin but also around areas of current CTA such as Coffs Harbour , Gold Coast etc . where at present we have to either fly well inland or skirt the Western edges of the zones and basically be pushed up into the hills . Would it not be a lot safer all round if we could fly through the CTA ?? .. By the way I am led to believe that Hoxton Park will be closing next October , a sad day indeed .


Dave C



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Guest pelorus32

Hi Guys,


the picture with the CTA endorsement is complex and does not necessarily rely on Part 103. The most accurate story will come from Mick Poole and if you have questions you should ask Mick.


Having said that here is my understanding:


  1. The new ops manual which is with CASA, and has been/is about to be approved by CASA, has provision for a number of new endorsements: low level, CSU/Retract, CTA and one other that evades me. There is already a formation endorsement;
  2. However 95.55 contains a specific clause that prohibits us from PRD and also a specific clause that prohibits us from CTA. So 95.55 needs to be fixed before we can fly in CTA or PRD. There is current discussion about doing this. If that happens then we can get on with the CTA endorsement. Mick did say that in some ways it's more comprehensive than the CTA provisions in the PPL;
  3. From recollection Part 103 overcomes those issues with 95.55 but CASA are quite clear about Part 103: it is in the process, Mike Cleaver is compiling the comments, then it will need a meeting of the reference group (or whatever it's called) then if OK it will go to drafting. Drafting will create a hold up as the AG dept has only limited drafting resources and cannot recruit more at the moment. The bottom line: Not before the autumn session of parliament, maybe the spring session. Don't forget to factor in the possibility of a new govt.







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