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Introducing Lois (Jaylo)

Guest TOSGcentral

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Guest TOSGcentral

You may have noticed in the “Just Landed†forum, a self introduction by “Jayloâ€Â. I now wish to introduce her and welcome her to our own little band of Thruster Enthusiasts (known to the rest of the community as “freaks†etc 049_sad.gif.af5e5c0993af131d9c5bfe880fbbc2a0.gif ).


Lois and I are joint owners in T300 25-381 which is being developed into the “Swiftâ€Â. That aircraft, and especially the new items that it is being used as the test bed for, have been mentioned often enough in this forum. In consequence so has Lois (Jaylo) and she will be familiar to TOSG members from the Bulletins, as she has been applying effort to the project for some time.011_clap.gif.c796ec930025ef6b94efb6b089d30b16.gif


It is a fine point whether she loves flying more than she loves working on aircraft (and she is no slouch on administration either). Either way, she is damn good with the spanners and is learning remarkably quickly to the point that she is now becoming indespensible to myself and the project – so it is time she stopped hiding her lights, joined the community openly and stopped being so shy!:devil:


TOSG members will find that she may be answering the telephone a bit (she is living with Kay and I) and she will be helping Kay with TOSG administration.


So a warm welcome to Lo, that I hope you will all echo – a lot of you are going to benefit directly from her kindness to, and interest in, the Thruster marque.;)







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Welcome Lois, hope you get as much from this forum as I do. I'm very interested in your progress on your t300 so keep us informed with pics etc. Have you got your licence yet.


I got mine in feb and am up to 102 hrs so I;m beginning to feel very comfortable in my t500 Looking forward to hearing from you on the forums.


Regards Terry



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Hi Terry,


I don't have my licence yet. I havn't done a lot of flying as I've been occupied over the last two years with structual and mechanical. The T300 was a mess on a trailer when I got it and it took two years to re-build as I lived in Brisbane and the aircraft was based at Watts Bridge.


I'm in the process of learning and hope to be doing the certificate thing when time allows in the near future.


I have so far had a couple of TIF's in a Skyfox (Caboolture), Lightwing (Warwick), Sparrow (Beaudesert) and general flying in a TST and a Glasshouse and also some instructional flying in the T300 (Watts Bridge).





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