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Aircraft Tracking/Monitoring

Guest Fred Bear

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Guest Fred Bear

Ok, here goes typing away with one finger. Just to let you all know too I have checked with Ian whether ok to have this post here and have Ians blessing so don't panic. I have set up some aircraft monitoring/tracking forums for folks like myself who are into the aircraft tracking of commercial airliners. This can be by means of ADSB systems, scanners, HF radio, ACARS, visually tracking aircraft etc etc. It is not an aircraft specific forum and has nothing to do with recreational flying so does not in any way interfere with these forums. We have a few members already and have bigger plans for the forum in the future so if you think it is something that may interest you please feel free to come and have a look and join. The url is: http://www.phpbb88.com/aircraftmonitor/


The url itself will change to something more respectable over the coming months but you are free to browse and register via the above. Just stressing it is nothing on the scale of these forums and is very specific to this thread title. I welcome any comments/suggestions you may have.



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