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Guest jhmichael25

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Guest jhmichael25

There is nothing extraordinary about myself, just somebody.


I have always dreamed about aircraft and or flying machine. Anything that flies I am passioned about except the mosquitoes. Nevertheless they too fly well and their wings are perfectly designed.


Sorry, that is not what an introdution is.


Well, I honestly hope we can be well associated somehow friendly and get to know each and all of you and grow from there.


I don't have much expertise on aircraft as such to share, but as I gain it I will be more than happy to share as well.


Thanks for having me,





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Welcome Michael and thanks for joining in.


All friendly people here and some quite knowledgeable. Ask any type and amount of questions you like and there'll be a response. The only dumb question is the one you don't ask. :)


Have fun...;)







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