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Airstrip near Tamworth

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I am thinking of flying to my annual holiday to the Tamworth Country Music Festival.


Only problem is that Tamworth is a major airport and as such would not let in a recreational plane without a transponder etc. Does any one know of a nearby strip or useable paddock where I could land and park my plane for about 5 days for a reasonable cost?


All come along, its one really good party there.


(come to think of it; all the clubs let you wear hats during the festival, so maybe the airport will also relax rules to allow all the farmers to fly in, some hopes:sad:)



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G'day Bigglesworth,


There not much within 20K of Tamworth. You could investigate these if you can organise transport.


LAKE KEEPIT YKEP 30:53:18S 150:31:12E


WAKEFIELD YWAF 30:55:16S 150:47:35E


BREEZA YBZA 31:100S 150:31:00E



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Guest sprocket

Just remember TW is controlled airspace.


Depending on how close you need to be...


There's Quirindi, Scone, a number of ag strips...



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