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I have recently seen and love the look and concept of trikes it looks like it’s lots of fun to be had, I have done motor mechanics , electronics, building maintenance (current line of work) and dabble in computers I am married with two children, on a recent trip to Forster I noticed hang glider looking object with what appeared to be a seat and petrol powered engine after a little web searching I have discovered trikes or MicroLights which I am would like to learn to fly and of course buy one or two so if any way can give me a heads up on how to obtain a license and any other important or helpful for info that would be excellent many thanks Justin.



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Guest Crezzi

Basically you need a pilot certificate from either the HGFA (who also administer hang-gliding & paragliding) or RAAus (who also administer 3-axis "ultralights" and powered parachutes). The training is pretty similar with either organisation and requires a minimum of 20 hours flight training to get a restricted pilot certificate.


Theres much more detailed info on their websites www.hgfa.asn.au and www.auf.asn.au including lists of schools - note they don't all offer trike training so look for ones which offer "WM' (weightshift microlight) then contact them to book a Trial Introductory Flight (TIF). I'm sure they would be happy to answer all your specific questions or just post them to this forum.







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