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Gliding Nationals Temora


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Just a quick note to all of you who fly past / through / around the Temora area, that there will be an extra 67 aircraft (not including around 10 towplanes) in the air around the central west from the 14th to 25th January. This will include turnpoints in the attached list.


Please be extra careful when flying through this airspace. Whilst most should be on the area frequency, a lot of gliders will be on their chatter frequencies of 122.5, 122.7, 122.9.


Remember that you will not see these aircraft until they are very close, being mainly white and very thin profile, unless they are turning.


Please make a note of not flying at cloud base or underneath cloud streets as this is where the majority will be cruising at anything up to 130kts generally and weighing up to 850kg! All of these pilots will be wearing parachutes - will you?


There should be a NOTAM out about this, so check that. The official website is http://joeyglide.com/MulticlassNationals/tabid/211/Default.aspx


Please call the office there and ask for the assigned tasks for the day and they will be able to tell you which way the aircraft are headed for the day.


Launching usually starts between 10am and midday, so flying through there early should be fine.


Please feel free to drop in, stay the night and watch the action also. The homecoming finishes are simply magical and worth a great photo opportunity for the photo comp here :-)









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